Eyes To The Sun

by Dysform

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This is a demo of my first album. It has taken a lot of time and effort but after writing all these songs in high school, I finally decided to get off my ass and record it this summer...yeah I should've done this sooner. Anyway, it essentially captures my coming of age and the personal journey I've undertaken to increase my awareness of the world and myself. I implore you to listen to the entire thing. Any comments, criticisms, and/or questions would be greatly appreciated.



released August 21, 2014

Everything - Bader Tahir



all rights reserved


Dysform San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Morning Star
Abandoned, and cast aside.
I am nothing in your eyes.
The object of your devotion, stands, in my place,
With the world at his feet, and the fire at mine

But I will not surrender;
I will not submit.
You can't feel my love.
But, you'll feel my guilt

If this is the price for my independence
I will expel the essence of you in me,
And I will bring opposition to every being you possess, every institution you inspire, and everything you embody.
I will spread fire where your name is whispered and I will dance in the flames where your children toil.
Isolation and rejection come with a certain freedom,
Better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven...

Morning Star.
Denied, a place in the sky.
Mourning star.
Wake. And, rise.

And though I walk, in hell forlorn,
I await the sound of the archangel's horn.
I, will bring light,
to the eyes you left, left in darkness.

Morning Star.
Denied, a place in the sky.
Mourning star.
Awake, arise, come alive...
Track Name: Blind
What am I destined to see,
When all I know is shadow,
And the echoes offset,
By the voice of a silhouette?

Though the one eyed man,
Can only be king,
When lightning strikes,
In the land of the blind.
And the light I see,
Is always transient
Despite the words of fools,
Which are never true.

Cause as I step outside,
No sun, burns my eyes.
Just the mist of, darkened skies.
And the scattered, lights of lies.


Where is the truth I seek,
In a world so bleak?

I pull the earth apart,
Alone in the dark,
And I'm just a child,
Lost in the wild.
In shade and steel,
Hoping to reveal,
That the light I seek,
Is underneath.
And hear it call to me,
To come and set me free,
To shine on the plague,
As it withers away.
Bury all this strife
And, open my eyes to a new, life.

Open my eyes, to a new life.
Track Name: Cleft of Venus
Ignorant, blissful, and still within the womb.
You've brought me out the dark.
Innocent and foolish,
You've slithered in my ear.

A fruit of Eden,
For the taste of blood.
Blinded by the beauty...
Of the cleft, of venus.

Like eyes to the sun

I'm in love;
This is love.

You, let me melt,
Just let me burn at your feet.

Waves of the sea,
Give back, what you took from me.

The flames, dance, in your empty eyes.
Are you a god, or the devil in disguise?

Capable of only worship,
For only your...pity in return

Waves of the sea,
I'll take back, what you took from me.
Track Name: Dead Leaves
With contempt for the shackles of the present,
This nostalgic dream, has put my reason to rest.

And hope, the warm sun and blue sky,
Shine, on the fallen leaves that I tread.
And in these rotting colors all I see,
Is a life of ambiguity.

Dead leaves fall upon the darkest of my memories,
Till the truth is lost and buried, down beneath an autumn sea.

Am I alive just to dream,
Of lies and futility?

Do these dead leaves,
Soften the path beneath my feet?
Or simply delude me,
From the earth underneath?
Track Name: Oneironaut
And I'll sail into the sky,
To answer destiny's call.
And if, the sun should burn my wings
Still, I can do anything.

Is this life a dream?

Am I dreaming?

And if in this blissful state,
Lies a world of escape,
Who's to say what's real?
Just don't let me—wake.

And though I can't deny,
This reckless tendency...
Still I can't disguise,
The love I have for sleep.

Where all is mine to make and mine to shape and mine to take.
But with the pain of loss and disbelief and loneliness.
And this...may be my sacrifice,
To live in dream, not waking life.

But the sun will rise soon,
To wither my dreams away;
The sun is rising now,
To make me see.

Is this life a dream?

Am I dreaming?
Track Name: Twin Suns
Danced, across the sky
All of our lives.
Spun around with you,
As I grew.
Weaving light, in the dark
Bound together from the start.
Sailing cosmic seas,
Just you and me
But the space between expands with time
And I, begin to see,
The distance between our fields, of gravity.

And so it begins,
Just how it ends

I feel a celestial shift
I feel us begin to drift,
The force begins to die
The illusion fooled eye

To see I've walked alone,
Nothing can atone
The deception that I've known,
The truth is I'm on my own

Drift Apart.

And I say, goodbye,
As we reach the ends of the sky.
And I say, goodbye,
As we tear apart the sky.
Track Name: Smoke and Sand

Smoke and sand in my eyes
All I see, hypocrisy and lies
Structures built, on grounds of deceit
Equality, for only the elite.

I felt the sand scrape my flesh,
As the wind blew West,
Strong enough to turn my face,
To what seemed like a better place

Still I walk on bloodstained sands
Amidst the heretic, and working man
Where fragments and shards suffice as dreams,
Where the call of the prayer drowns the screams.

The fumes of change,
Swirl with these timeless grains.
Caught in the smoke and sand,
This is where I stand.

But who are you, to say what's right?
And who am I to incite?
Who am I to judge at all,
When you're the one standing tall?

Does the devil really possess?
Is that warrant for arrest?
Is this how peace manifests?
Or intolerance at its best?

But only I,
Can deny.
No matter what I say,
They'll always see you this way.

The savage beauty,
The mindless beast.
The land of fools,
The wisdom of the east...

You think you're so much better but, you're just the same.
The captor, savior, and scholar of the untamed.
The righteous, holy, imperial crusade.
The fucking master, of the fucking slave.

The hourglass that seals,
The waste of rust and steel.
Caught in the smoke and sand,
No I don't know where I stand.

So who am I?
Where are my ties?
I don't belong here;
I don't belong, anywhere.
Track Name: Estrangement of Time
The words of a false prophet
Still, ring in my ears
The ghosts of the future
Still, haunt my dreams
The bleating of sheep
Does not, subdue my fears
The solace of fragile sleep
Cannot remit these empty tears.

Do I pray for the end,
Or beliefs I can't comprehend?
And if a red dawn breaks,
Over the shadows of our mistakes...

I won't help but laugh.

So I've come to see your tears as a hoax,
Though you've earnestly, cried yourself blind.
Because this pitiful existence is a fucking joke,
And it's a mundane, trivial death that delivers the punchline.

Life sucks.
And then you die.

I've, been dying for you to kill me.
Exorcise my doubt, open my eyes, and make me see.

Am I in hell?
Have I already seen the end?
Is it so deranged,
that all my time's estranged?

You'll never live forever, you'll die tomorrow
But you'll die with me, and I'll be one with you.
So the words seemed to say, but I refuse
I don't want to be with you.

If this is madness so be it
I beg for the fire to come and drown us all
I'm not crazy;
I just hate all of you.

I've, been dying for you to kill me.
Shut my whiny mouth, and end this calamity
I've, been waiting to finally see.
Heaven reign down, and make me believe...
Track Name: Inedia
Believe, and see.

Tears of the sun,
Come rain down,
Flood my sight,
Give me life.

Reward the faith.
Acknowledge my trust in you.
Cause I've embraced the illusion,
To see the truth

Believe, and see.
The light, cleanses me.

Tears of the sun,
Come rain down,
Blind my sight,
Give me, life.
Track Name: Shadows
With my withered hands,
All I can offer are grains of sand.
And, pray the sun won't rise...
To expose this lie.

Let me wear this mask, for all to see.
Let me hide the face, that haunts my sleep.

I hear the shadows call my name.
And I long to vanish, in union with them.
As I try to cradle, and reconstruct,
this shattered mirror, that's now, corrupt.

Is there peace within the dark,
From the conviction, of the light?
Is the cure for my blackened heart,
To blend with the black of night?

Let me bury the truth, behind this mask.
Let me hide within, the shadow I cast.

Cradled in my withered hands,
All I can offer are grains of sand.
Pray, that the sun will rise.
Bright enough to, burn their eyes.

Please, just look away.
I'm just a liar, when the darkness fades.

The sun rises,
And the light, is blinding.

Now, burn.
Track Name: Aestus
I've seen the future with open eyes.
As I've struggle against the tide.
And though it seems I'm still alive,
All hope is beginning to die.

But I hold to the past,
And hope the memory lasts.

Like eyes to the sun

Have I been a fool all along?
Could it be that I was wrong?
Is it time to come of age,
And leave behind this dream I couldn't save?

And I as I drown in the depths of my disgrace,
I see the truth that I couldn't face.
This love, this life, lost at sea,
Was the only thing to me.

It can't be over.
No it can't be over.
It can't be over.
No it can't be over.